Cake Delta 8: A Deeper Look

Cake Delta 8 has been under a lot of scrutiny lately. You might find a Cake Delta 8 disposable or cart in thousands of smoke shops, gas stations, and online vendors all over the USA and Canada. But while this brand may seem popular, there’s more to it than meets the eye when it comes to whether or not the Cake disposable being sold at two gas stations across the street from each other are from the same manufacturer.

What exactly is Cake Delta 8?

For those new to the delta 8 industry, Cake is a brand of nicotine, CBD, and delta 8 products sold all over the USA and Canada. It’s logo is very similar to the Cookies brand of marijuana products. It has been around for years and sold with different packaging and flavors.

Cookes vs Cake brand

As you can see, the Cake logo uses an almost identical font and style to the Cookies logo.

Who makes Cake Delta 8?

We first discovered Cake products as mostly empty packaging being sold on websites like Alibaba and DHGate. Without any oversight, vendors and distributors can purchase these empty delta 8 packages and fill their own carts with whatever they want.

This is where things get tricky. Because some vendors are more concerned about making money than the well-being of their customers. They will sometimes add additives to their carts to enhance the effects. Even worse, they might fill it with something other than Delta 8.

The Cake brand appeared in 2016 and marketed as a nicotine vape pen product. Cake branded CBD products were released around 2019 during the peak of CBD craze, and now we are seeing them marketed as delta 8 disposables, carts, and possibly even gummies.

In summary, the exact origin of the original brand is unknown. This is mainly because Cake was first released as a copycat product to the Cookies brand, but became so popular that most people consider it now as a it’s own top-tier brand. Anyone can buy Cake packaging. They can add anything into the vape cart or disposable and claim it as a legitimate Cake product. But how do you claim a product is legitimate if it’s main origin is to be a knock-off of another brand in the first place?

But… what about lab reports?

There are a few sites that have popped up recently. They each claim to be the main manufacturer of Cake products and provide lab reports. If you look up these sites on, you can put  two and two together and realize that these sites weren’t around even a year ago and claim to be the manufacturer of a globally popular product that’s been available for more than five years.

Here’s an example of such a site.

What you’re looking at above are snapshots of a website’s history. Popular website get snapshots of their content on this web archive almost daily. Here we notice this site has only been saved 11 times since 2013. When checking the snapshot content, we realize that it’s been empty and has nothing to do with delta 8. It’s content history related to delta 8 started in the beginning of 2022, when they built the site. Cake delta 8 has been out far longer than this.

How do I know my Cake delta 8 disposable or cart is legit?

The short answer: You don’t.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of Cake delta 8 vendors. You can’t be certain you’re getting a product that is actually what they say it is. Even with a delta 8 lab report, how sure are you that it came from the vendor who created that product? Check out the image below:

Should I buy a Cake Delta 8 Disposable or Cart?

With so many different manufacturers, it’s a gamble buying products that are mass faked. In the end, it’s best to do your own due diligence to make sure the product you’re buying is actually legit Delta 8 THC.

The main concern you should take into account is that you’re not getting any other additives, chemicals, or metals in your carts that can make you sick. The whole point of Delta 8 is to provide a means for a better experience and well-being. In this case though, it could mean the opposite.

What alternatives do I have to buying a Cake delta 8 disposable or cart?

It’s important to pick a delta 8 brand you can trust. With any growing industry, shady vendors can take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Learning about delta 8 and it’s effects can help you better understand what you’re suppose to experience when using the product. A knowledgeable customer is as good customer.

With that being said, check out our selection of Delta 8 THC products below:

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